The girls participated in their first play- Annie! What a wonderful experience they both had. They performed in 9 shows over a two-week period- it was awesome and exhausting all at the same time. I attended every show and never got tired of watching the girls on stage!! We were (and are!) so proud of them! I have to confess, on opening night Chris and I were both blown away and in tears watching them share their talent and perform with such confidence and maturity. The whole experience- from rehearsals and promoting the show to the final curtain- has given the girls more confidence, new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Promoting the show at local city events.

They walked in 2 different local parades to promote the show.

Dress Rehearsal

The beautiful set!

Their cute pictures in the program. Alexa played “Molly”.

Maya played “Darla” in the Orphan Ensemble.

Promotional Ads for the show.

Maya in the center- Alexa on the right:)


After the show on Opening Night!

Aunt Tessa came to support the girls!

Larson cousins came to see the show!



So many more friends and family came to see Annie and support the girls in their first acting roles-   Thank you to everyone! And thank you to SOAR Regional Arts…the girls can’t wait to be in another show!

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