‘Tis the Season…

…of snow and cold, joyful preparations, but sickness and recovery, too. Our Advent season has been full of all of these things and more! We’re making merry while fighting off those unwelcome wintertime guests…germs.

Alexa is finishing up the last of the two antibiotics she’s been on to fight double pneumonia, strep throat and a painful ear infection. All at once, yes. She’s a little trooper. So far, the rest of the kids have been spared, let’s pray that continues! I’m not a big fan of t.v./movie watching, especially when the kids are sick. I know it’s the obvious easy choice to keep them occupied when they’re home sick, and I’ve definitely put electronics to good use, but mostly I think it’s not real rest at all. It just seems to me the mind needs quiet in order for the body to relax and recover from whatever it’s fighting. Gladly, Alexa never asked for movies or shows while she was home for two days from school. She spent her time sleeping, baking and crafting- making paper window prisms most of the time. Gigi was happy to have another playmate at home during the day, but didn’t quite understand why Alexa wasn’t up for the usual stuff. We all made it through okay, and now we’re looking ahead to a (hopefully) healthy Christmas!


It’s so nice to bake with eggs from our own hens.



I asked her to show me her favorite.

I asked her to show me her favorite.

Our Jesse Tree and manger for baby Jesus.

Our Jesse Tree, manger for baby Jesus, and some beautiful pictures of the Blessed Virgin Mary done by the twins.


Following are pictures from one of the twins’ Christmas concerts. They sang with three different groups this year… SOAR Arts (a local nonprofit Arts initiative started by friends of ours), the school music program and the cherub choir at church. I’m so thankful for the photography talents of my friend, Michelle LeMonds, who shared on Facebook these lovely pictures she took and I promptly stole them because my photos were horrible. If you happen to read this, Michelle, I hope it’s okay!?!



(Alexa holding the microphone)


(Maya holding the microphone)

(Maya holding the microphone)

(Maya is front row furthest to the left, Alexa is front row furthest right)

(Maya is front row furthest to the left, Alexa is front row furthest right)


What a great photo! We have such a beautiful church!

What a great photo! Our church is so beautiful!

Wishing you a peaceful and healthy last week of Advent!