My Hungry Heart

It was a very busy and fun week for us…the time flew by and though I’d thought several times of posting here, I never seemed to get a moment to do so. I admire the wonderful bloggers I have been following, but wonder how they fit it in so regularly. I doubt I am really busier than they. I just haven’t figured out how to make this part of my life fit in yet. I post late at night when kids are sleeping, the house is (sometimes) back in order, and I should probably be sleeping but choose to write anyway. Admittedly, though, these last few weeks my head has been spinning as I contemplate some possible changes for our family. I won’t go into it here and don’t know if that’ll ever be necessary. I’m not trying to be evasive or build suspense…everyone has stuff that comes up now and then that needs serious reflection. We’re no different and our issues probably aren’t any more interesting than others. But it does explain, I think, why I feel I’ve been all over the place lately. I’ve been looking for some peace, and just haven’t found it.

And then today, I went to Mass. How many times have I come, restless, to Mass, and has my merciful Father been there waiting and ready to sooth my disturbed soul?!  I become distracted by life and I forget where to find my hope and direction. How can I be so forgetful?? Today, once again, I needed this Mass. This encounter with Christ, truly present. In his homily, our young priest spoke right to my soul. I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I fully trust that God was speaking through him right to me. I sat riveted and with tears welling in my eyes. I don’t deserve that kind of grace, I’m aware. But there it was, in abundance, given freely by our most loving God. I’m humbled still as I write this. I guess sometimes we don’t know how hungry we are, until we are truly fed. I’ll dwell on those precious words all day.

Blessed are you that hunger now, for you shall be satisfied ~ Luke 6:21

Some photos of what we’ve been up to: