Tend what’s here

3 plum trees soon to be planted.

Front yard where the garden will someday go, God-willing.

I’m setting up our brooder in the chicken run- new chicks will be arriving soon!

Gigi has been tending to Alexa who’s been home sick for a few days. Here she was tucking her in and placing her nightlight nearby, just incase.

“Teeing off” on his mini-course in the backyard.

Can you see the “flagpole”

Hole #2

Short break from golf as we found a snake on the course;)

Hole #3

It’s that wonderful time of year again! This is when you can find me wandering around outside usually looking a little lost in my own backyard. After three plus years here in this “new” home, I’m still excited to see our woods come to life each spring. My mission these last few days has been to clear out the areas around our wild berry patches to keep them accessible for picking. It’s all a little overwhelming to me- the growth of everything happens in amazing speed. Each day things are taller and fuller. Of course, I have my eye on the sunlight and the ground-dreaming of the gardens we haven’t been able to start yet. A couple of days ago, it was feeling a little too daunting and I was getting discouraged when the thought “tend what’s already here” popped into my thoughts. And then a deep breath and a weight lifted. That’s where I’ll start. Those little words apply to the rest of my life, too, I realized quickly. Slow down. Enjoy the life that’s happening all around me. Stop looking ahead all the time.

The property as it is just confuses the heck out of me when I try to plan where to put this garden. I did pick up three plum trees. Planting those feels pretty manageable. I do need to find a fourth, though- a different variety of plum to pollinate. I’ve been reading on it and I’ve got a few in mind. Oh, and I planted some pumpkins. So, fingers crossed on those because I’ve never grown them (I’ve heard they’re easy!) So, it seems I’m progressing on adding things that don’t need a garden “bed”. No pretty, organized rows and I guess that’s what I can manage right now. Also, we’re in the middle of another pretty big project currently (basement finishing) which of course is what I should be dealing with but all I seem to want to do now that it’s warm is be outside daydreaming and weeding.

Landon “built” a little 3-hole “golf course” around the woods a couple of weeks ago. He asked me if I wanted to ride along to watch him play. He gave me a ride on our 4-wheeler (with the plow still attached-ha!) He’s awesome. It was really creative.

It’s really hard to believe school is coming to a close quickly. It’s been a very fruitful year for all of us. I’m proud of my kids for the way they’ve grown and adjusted to a “typical” school environment after my years of homeschooling in a pretty, umm, “free” fashion.