My baby isn’t a baby anymore. On Saturday, Gianna turned three! She woke up to her sisters and brothers anxiously awaiting with a present and homemade cards. The beach is Gigi’s favorite place to go lately, so sand toys made the perfect gift. We used them at our favorite beach later that afternoon, staying until late in day, much later than I had planned. Without a quick dinner available at home and with empty bellies growling, we decided to head to a restaurant, which is always special since we rarely eat out. The kids were especially well behaved, even being complemented on it by the couple at the table next to us. Chris smiled and told the sweet little lady “Thank you! But, well, we just got here…” fully aware that it could all go down hill at any moment. Actually, they were very good for the whole meal. Gigi was given a huge brownie sundae by our waitress (of course we helped her eat it! We’re just selfless like that) and everyone in the room sang to her. We ended her special day with a cake at home. Yep, two desserts. In my defense I didn’t know we would be treated to brownies and ice cream only minutes before, so…. Anyway- she got to blow out candles twice that day.  I kept reflecting on how much love and joy Gianna has brought to our family. Ok, I’ll just say it. She was a perfect baby and so far a perfect toddler. We’re just totally spoiled over here. My heart will always be praising and thanking God for such a beautiful and perfect gift. And three is such a fun, fun age. I could go on about all the adorable things she does. Mostly, her innocence, simplicity and joy for life are what I treasure. She is a constant reminder of God’s love- so full of promise.