Quietly fifteen


Hunter’s fifteenth birthday came and went pretty quietly this year. We celebrated by going out for dinner, and I made an ice cream cake at his request. I had asked him in the few weeks before his birthday what he wanted. He couldn’t think of anything. So, it feels a little strange but, he didn’t have a gift on his birthday. I tried, really! But teens are hard to shop for and just settling for something random wouldn’t have made him happy, either. I think he agrees with that and might be holding out for something “big” to come up that he wants and then I suspect we might receive a gentle reminder from him about how he never got anything for his birthday so maybe we could get him this new thing he wants now…..  We’ll see, I guess!

Braedan and the twins made a pancake breakfast for all (completely on their own) the morning after Hunter’s birthday. Braedan is really developing his cooking skills lately, which I think is mostly because he just loves to eat (good reason!).  We’re all benefitting from his cooking talents! A few nights ago while Chris and I were working outside way too late, he came out to inform us that dinner was ready. He had made blueberry muffins and fruit salad and the twins helped set the table. It was so sweet (wish I would’ve snapped a pic because they set the table so pretty, making sure the pink flowers I love were prominently placed in the middle!). These kids are growing before my very eyes and at the risk of getting way too sappy now, I’ll just say that I can hardly stand how much I love it all! We are blessed!