Hello world! (a late introduction…)

Gianna-birth_edited-1 Gianna-birth2Gianna-birth-6_edited-2

On June 11 our precious girl was born!  Gianna Cathleen – 6 lbs 15oz; 19.5 inches!  We are so full of joy over this little one…she is such a miracle and a blessing to our family.


Gianna-foot-1 feet-1


Today she is 7 weeks old, which is hard for me to believe.  Since her birth, or just before, actually, we moved out of our house (packing a house when 9 months pregnant…ugh!!), moved into and out of my parents house, and finally into our apartment. During that time was a wedding (congrats to my sister and new brother-in-law!), and lots of home building “stuff” going on.  So we’ve been busy.  I haven’t had a decent internet connection since we’ve moved into the apartment until just a week ago, hence the very late post here.  I am inspired at the moment to get back to (and better at) updating here.  I’ll go with it just as long as the feeling lasts.  If this is the last post you see for a while, well then I guess you know what happened to that inspiration.

Gianna has been such an amazing gift to us all.  I am so grateful to God for blessing us with her.  I look at her and think (like with all of my children) WHAT would I do without her?  I know now that she was always meant to be here, and I just didn’t know it.  A big lesson there for me…TRUST.  It’s hard, hard, hard to do sometimes.  But when I’ve had the courage to let go and surrender to what God has planned, I am always astounded. Always humbled.  Always blessed.

I’ll sign off for now, as my girl has just begun to stir from her nap.