June Recap

Wow. June was such a crazy month and I was not prepared for it! It was a great month, though. Full of good things. Most notably, we celebrate two birthdays this month. Hunter is now 16 and has his permit.

He seems to be in no hurry to get his license, and I haven’t been anxious for him to get it either (until this month when it would’ve been extremely helpful to have another driver!!) He likes driving, though, and I have a feeling we’ll be going in for his license test in just a few months. He celebrated his 16th birthday whitewater rafting in Colorado this year with the youth group from church as part of the Steubenville in the Rockies Conference which was hosted in Denver.

Steubenville 2017- Stop at Mt. Rushmore along the way to CO.

Hiking in the mountains

This pic makes me think of Blessed Pier Giorgio (Hunter’s Confirmation saint) and how he loved mountain climbing. Verso l’alto – To the heights!

I’ll post more pictures of his trip once I have them:)


Gianna turned four!!

First trip on her new bike!

Braedan went to tennis camp: 

The twins went to golf camps:

Kinda cool when your dad is the teacher;)

And their soccer season began!


Landon spent a week at EFC (Extreme Faith Camp):


EFC Mass

Our pastor Fr. Richards goes to camp, too!

Tug-O-War (Landon is 3rd in from the right wearing blue shorts with a black t-shirt)

This is his last year as a regular camp participant. Next year he wants to go as a member of Prayer Team (Hunter too!)

And of course, we celebrated Father’s Day!  

I hope you’re enjoying summer!!